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We specialize in books of local history
and interest to Dorset.



Bournemouth A Go! Go!
A Sixties Memoir

binary The year is 1963. The year of Beatlemania and the Beatles are appearing in Bournemouth for a 6 day run of shows at the Gaumont theatre. In Bournemouth A Go! Go! Jon Kremer recalls those days when he and long-time friend Al Stewart, then teenagers, talked their way into the Beatles’ company that week in August.

Jon’s memoir tells of his role in Al’s journey from beat groups to worldwide success with Year of the Cat and includes the story The Men from Rickenbacker, when they each played John Lennon’s guitar, and the etiquette involved in offering a Beatle a cigarette.








Incident 48
Raid on a South Coast Town, 1943

trade binary options online On May 23rd 1943 Bournemouth was the scene of a major Air Raid. Between the first Air Raid Warning Siren sounding at 12.54 p.m., the 848th in the town since the outbreak of the war, (there were to be two further warnings that day) and the all clear being given at 13.25 p.m., 22 buildings were totally destroyed 3,359 were damaged (37 of these later required demolition) and the streets of Bournemouth were strewn with the dead, dying and injured.



Treacle Mines, Tragedies and Triumph
The Building of the Bournemouth Direct Line 1883-88


what is a binary options broker The Direct Line, running between Brockenhurst Lymington Junction) and Christchurch, a distance of about ten and half miles, was constructed between the years 1884 and 1888.

It was two years overdue in its completion; it led to the bankruptcy of a construction company and to the deaths of at least ten navvies and injuries to many more.


Dorset Buttons
Hand stitched in Dorset for over 300 Years

One of the most fascinating rural industries was the hand-making of buttons which appeared in Shaftesbury towards the end of the 16th century and, almost overnight, expanded throughout the whole of East Dorset, employing nearly every woman and child in that area on some facet of the craft but which vanished with equal alacrity in the mid 19th century due to the Industrial Revolution, leaving owners and workers alike in a state of extreme poverty.



Recent Book Titles

Yeah Yeah Yeah
The Beatles & Bournemouth

The definitive account of the connections between the greatest rock ’n’ roll group that ever was and a small town on the south coast of England

Special Price £14.95

My Jurassic Playground

My Jurassic Playground is not a guide book or a travelogue and certainly not a geological text book.  So what is it? 

it most resembles an autobiography but the book ..........

£ 18.95
Highcliffe Castle
Garden Journey

John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, had High Cliff built on the South Coast near Christchurch. Landscaped by Capability Brown, Lord Bute created a walled garden to grow new botanical species brought in from abroad.

£ 12.95 £9.95

Strange Affairs at Christchurch

Sir Peter Mews built the grand manor house on the Hinton Admiral Estate near Christchurch, Dorset and was the local MP from 1710 until his death in 1725........

£ 7.95



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